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About The Billy Blue Design College In 1987, Billy Blue Creative (which blossomed from the infamous Billy Blue Magazine) decided to open a tiny design school to train creative folk who would eventually contribute to projects circling the design studio and creative department. A crowd of about four was expected. Sixty-six people enrolled and there was a long waiting list... In essence, the college was created by industry for industry and we’ve been building on that concept in everything we cultivate. Since opening our college doors 25+ years back, Billy Blue College of Design has launched the careers thousands of graduate creatives and thought leaders, qualified and ready to make their mark in the design and creative industries. And what a mark they have made! Our exceptionally high employability rate has seen many of our graduates go on to become very successful in their chosen discipline, working on challenging, award-winning projects with prestigious clients at some of Australia’s (and indeed the world’s) leading design companies. Over that time we’ve grown too, expanding our college’s horizons with new campuses in Brisbane and Melbourne, and developing our educational offering to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry. We’re looking forward to continuing our fine tradition of thinking, making and connecting for many years to come! Ideology Industry permeates everything we do. Our positive partnership with the design industry is the key to our reputation and success. We are constantly consulting with experts in the field to ensure that students are learning the most valuable skills. We also host regular guest lectures in our auditorium to give students the opportunity to hear from high profile designers, art directors, artists, photographers and other creative professionals. Strategy Billy Blue is highly regarded by the visual communications industry, both in Australia and overseas. This is due to three key factors. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the students that come to study here is exceptional. Their enthusiasm and talent creates an energy that is hard to define but is obvious in the work they produce. Secondly, the programs we deliver are specifically designed to help students master the broad range of skills needed to become a creative and productive member of the design community. And finally, we have a dedicated team of lecturers who are all industry practitioners creating a teaching culture that is dynamic, commercial and contemporary. Our Graduate Exhibitions Billy Blue commemorates graduating students’ efforts and achievements by showcasing their major project works and other ventures at biannual Graduate Exhibitions. At the end of each semester we invite our partners, industry professionals, family, friends and the extended Billy Blue community to celebrate graduating students body of work from across the six discipline areas of Communication Design, Digital Media, Branded Fashion, Branded Environment, Commercial and Residential Interiors. It’s a well-earned hats off to all that reach this milestone and a fitting launch to their exciting new careers! Billy Blue Studio - Project Space Our students get the chance to produce work for the ‘real world’ while they study. Project Studio offers students the opportunity to create things such as marketing print material, promotional videos and the like. For more detailed information click through to our Work & Career services section. Our History - Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA Billy Blue – the man William (Billy) Blue plays a colourful role in Australian colonial history. He pioneered Sydney Harbour’s ferry service and was, in effect, the nation’s first tour operator. Billy Blue is thought to have been born in Jamaica in 1767 and, after being arrested for stealing sugar in London, found himself on board the Minorca arriving in Botany Bay at the age of 34. After serving out the remainder of his sentence in Sydney, Billy began a rowing boat service crossing the harbour, married the wife he would go on to have six children with and lived with his family in The Rocks. His amicable banter and eccentric nature made him well known to members of the public and government officials alike, and eventually, in 1811, he was appointed Harbour Watchman and Constable. As a consequence of these titles, Billy was granted a home overlooking Sydney Harbour and the land on which it sat came to be known as Billy Blue’s Point. However, his positions of responsibility didn’t do much to smother his mischievous ways and Billy continued to be brushed by the law now and then. Billy Blue died in 1834 in North Sydney where streets are now named after him and the site of his northern ferry terminus remains known as Blues Point. Billy Blue Creative Circa seventy seven Billy Blue Creative began life in 1977 as a magazine publishing colloquial Australian writing. As time passed, various companies used the studio that produced the magazine for their own needs and in 1980, a consultancy was formed which won multiple awards before it was dissolved in 2009... to go surfing. Billy Blue Creative’s work covered all aspects of visual communications including brand creation and implementation, corporate and marketing communications, multimedia and web-based projects, signage and exhibition graphics as well as advertising and publishing. It is the unconventional, non-conformist, yet commercially relevant approach that Billy Blue Creative was famous for which underpins the applied learning ethos Billy Blue College of Design is known for today.

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