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Design, meet talents like Graphis Master Armando Milani, who uses his craft to address global issues, and the team at Rose in the UK, recognized for their exceptional rebranding projects. John Gravdahl in the US demonstrates how design and education can intertwine to inspire the next generation.

Advertising shines a spotlight on Greenhaus, crafting compelling narratives that bring the spirit of locations to life.

Photography features Andreas Franke, known for his surreal photo manipulations, and Beth Galton, who captures the subtle interplay of light and shadow.

Art/Illustration presents Victo Ngai, whose digital and traditional art fusion creates mesmerizing visuals across various platforms.

Education focuses on Taylor Shipton's innovative approach, preparing students for the professional world with a rich blend of design knowledge and creative thinking.

Products and Architecture, discover innovations from the cutting-edge HondaJet Elite II and the eco-friendly Oru Kayak's Inlet to the organically inspired Lè Architecture and the luxurious STROHBOID Glamping Unit.

Embrace this celebration of creative minds and innovations. Get your copy of the latest Graphis Journal and be inspired by the leaders shaping the future of their industries.

Cover Image: War-Peace by Armando Milani

Journal 379

Step into the vibrant world of creativity with the latest Graphis Journal edition. This issue is a curated collection of groundbreaking work from the foremost talents in Design, Advertising, Photography, Art/Illustration, Education, and beyond.

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