Graphis100 Exhibition

GraphisJune 17, 2024

Graphis100 offers unparalleled creativity and innovation, representing the year's best award-winning work in a multi-disciplinary showcase. This juried and curated collection represents the past year's culmination of award-winning work across five core categories: Advertising, Design, Illustration Art, Photography, and New Talent. Every piece is a tribute to the transformative power of visual communication and has been carefully chosen for its exceptional conceptual depth and craftsmanship alongside its aesthetic appeal.

  • Advertising: Explore campaigns that redefine the essence of storytelling, where conceptual genius meets executional excellence. These works demonstrate how creative ingenuity can transform brand messages and cultural conversations.
  • Design: Form and function harmonize to create visual experiences that resonate. Witness the fusion of traditional techniques with digital innovation in all areas of graphic design.
  • Illustration Art: Journey through imaginative landscapes crafted by the hands of artists. This collection features a diverse range of styles and mediums, highlighting the boundless potential of illustration in storytelling and visual exploration.
  • Photography: We focus on the power of the lens, where moments are captured and emotions are framed. From breathtaking landscapes and product shots to compelling portraits and still lifes, these photographs convey stories beyond words.
  • New Talent: Discover the fresh perspectives and bold ideas of emerging creatives who are setting the stage for the future of visual arts. This segment celebrates the innovative work of students and early-career professionals and offers a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of creativity.

The "Graphis100" exhibition invites you to engage, reflect, and be inspired on the creative excellence of the past year. This collection promises to ignite imagination and challenge your perceptions of what art and communication can achieve.

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