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Company Type

Art / Illustration


Spanish, Portuguese, English

Established In





Biography/Work Experience

Gemma Design is a creative and strategic development studio, focused on meeting the needs of entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, belonging to various segments of the market. We are committed to helping them gain value and confidence from their clients. We are specialists in creating value through graphic pieces with visual identity. We used various manual and digital techniques such as illustrations, photographs and repetition patterns to achieve high impact and visual perception (pregnancy) results.   Since 2007, the artist, designer and director of the creative studio Osvaldo Hernán Gemma (born in Mendoza, Argentina) has chosen the city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina / Brazil, to live and develop his creative potential. The experience of Osvaldo Gemma is the result of a multidisciplinary learning process through the industry of fashion, plastic arts, textiles and decoration. His artistic talent has been cultivated for 20 years with studies, travel, courses, and practical experience in the creative and aesthetic market. The studio's commitment is to identify the unique and irreplaceable characteristics of each client that chooses us, so that they can be highlighted and shown in a unique and original way. Welcome. Nice to meet you.

Philosophy on Work

I started the creative studio to help people communicate creatively with their customers by improving the perceived value of their product.

Professional Specialties

Graphic Design



Area of Expertise

ilustrator, surface designer, artist

Hobbies / Freetime

read, ride a bike and surfing

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