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Biography/Work Experience

Fa-Hsiang Hu is a designer, creative and educator. He is an associate professor of Department of Applied Arts at Fu-Jen Catholic University and also is Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association / Director of GDA-ROC Association / Director of Taiwan Posters Design Association and Senior Creative Director of Hufax arts.

Philosophy on Work

I have been working in the field of advertising and commercial design for many years. In comparison with the condition 20 years ago, the pressure in this field is even higher now. We have stepped in the digital era with better accessibility to tools, software and information. These convenience and access draw people into a myth that everyone could easily make an impact on the market. Hence an increasing amount of advertising design simply follows the trend, or even makes their presentation in a way, which is only focused on the designers' own self. It is pathetic if designers only aim to present the trendiest ideas. This would turn the designers' creativity into narrowed and limited. As a professional commercial designer and an advertising creative, I think it is crucial to consider at integrate and to equip ourselves with the coordinate ability of design. I always consider the most biggest challenge as myself. Being a commercial creative, a designer, I cannot always stick to a particular style or a method. I need to challenge myself and revise my approach according to the diverse feature of each client and each subject in order to present the most suitable, the best communication plan to impress the target audience. The willingness to try and to make the most efforts to every project is considered as the biggest success for me. Although, there are still some people who are keen on the local culture and features, taking these as precious cultural heritage. I think it is a positive approach. While we follow the trend of the mainstream of the society, we should still stay with our own culture and keep the pure part alive. And definitely, it requires designers' effort to strike a good balance between and trend and the original culture. In terms of the trend of advertisement and design, it will develop along with the truth and aesthetic regardless of current predictions. Because I always believe: In addition to sales, a good advertisement and design needs excellent idea to inspire people's emotion and bring fun!

Professional Specialties



Hu's works has been recognized by the Taiwan Visual Design Award: Platinum, and numerous awards from leading design organizations and publications worldwide, including D&AD Awards: Pencil, London International Awards: Gold&Silver, Red Dot Award Communication Design: Best of the best, NewYork Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Communication Arts Award of Excellence, Golden Pins Awards, Times Awards, Hong Kong Global Design Awards, IDA: Gold/Silver, and Graphis: Platinum/Gold/Silver,… etc. As well as his posters and book design were won and selected into the international poster biennales in Warsaw, Slovenská, Bolivia, Macau,… etc.

Graphis Awards

Graphis Poster Annual 2019: Platinum Graphis Design Annual 2019: Platinum Typography 4: Platinum Graphis Advertising Annual 2018: Gold Graphis Poster Annual 2018: Platinum Graphis Design Annual 2018: Silver Graphis Advertising Annual 2017: Platinum Graphis Poster Annual 2017: Gold & Silver Graphis Poster Annual 2016: Silver Typography 3: Silver


MFA, National Taiwan Normal University.