Mission Statement

Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration. In addition to the Platinum, Gold, and Silver winners, Graphis also embraces rising talent, all of whom have an equal Archive presentation. In our hardcover Annuals, Platinum and Gold winners receive full-page exposure, and Silver and Merit Winners are also visually presented. Up to 500 entries from each competition are included in the online archive for future reference, where everyone gets the same presentation. Today, the Graphis tradition continues, presenting award-winning work from 1944 to the present in digital and print.

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Graphis Professional Members receive the following:
1. 50% off all Graphis Call for Entries, Books and Digital Publications.
2. 50% off Graphis Journal Subscription (4 issues).
3. 30% off Graphis new single Journals.
4. Free access to the Graphis Logo Database, containing over 5,000 logos.
5. Free full access to our Book Archives and Master Portfolios.
6. Free access to the digital Graphis Magazines 1944-2005.
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Graphis Magazine was first published in 1944 by Walter Herdeg and Dr. Walter Amstutz in Zürich, Switzerland. In 1952, Mr. Herdeg introduced the Graphis Annual (Design with Illustration) and in that same year, was invited into the Alliance Graphique International. After a split from Dr. Walter Amstutz in 1964, Mr. Herdeg became the sole publisher. In 1966, he introduced the Graphis Photo Annual (Design with Photography), followed seven years later by the Graphis Poster Annual.

In 1970, Walter convinced his son, Marcel Herdeg, to take over the publishing aspect of Graphis so that Walter could concentrate more on the design and production of the magazine and books. A recent law school graduate, Marcel successfully learned the business and brought Graphis to profitability. During Walter’s reign, Graphis became one of the classiest publications available due to his care and impeccable taste. As Walter grew older, he told Marcel that he would like to retire and close Graphis' doors. However, Marcel felt that his father had built something valuable and that the company could successfully be sold.

With many prospective suitors, Walter, with Marcel’s help, sold the company in 1986 to B. Martin Pedersen. A few years later, the Graphis headquarters were relocated from Zürich to New York City. The Annuals were redefined and new books were added to the Graphis roster, including Advertising, Photography, Logo, Branding and Typography, among others.

Graphis Advisory Board

Quinnton Harris
Patti Judd
Duncan Milner
Michael Pantuso

Graphis Institute

The Graphis Institute is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the most compelling work from global talents in Design, Advertising, Photography and Illustration art.
With over 150,000 individual pieces of work in it's repository, Graphis has the most significant collection of creative excellence worldwide and includes one of the most extensive archives of the work and biographical material from all periods dating back to 1944 when it was founded in Switzerland by Walter Herdeg and Dr. Walter Amstutz.
In 1985, it was purchased by B. Martin Pedersen. A principal task of Graphis Institute is to ensure that the significance within the cultural and social context over time is historically archived and continues to be developed, promoting the best professional and emerging talents from around the world and that it is communicated through varying channels including award competitions, education, journals, publications, exhibitions, and new media. By continuing to pose topical questions to top talent, Graphis Institute aims to bring together creative insights and add to our cultural understanding around the world from the past, the present and into the future.
Graphis Institute is a 501(c)3 arts and education nonprofit organization.
EIN 85-1729586

Graphis is an international bastion of excellence in design and visual imagery.

Phil Marco Director/Photographer/Designer Phil Marco Productions