Trophy Award

Trophy photography by Henry Leutwyler.

The Trophies above can be purchased by anyone who has won a Platinum, Gold or Silver Award.

The Graphis "G" Trophy Awards, pictured above, measure 5" wide x 4.68" tall x 2" deep, weigh 5lb, and are personalized with the winner's and Annual's title. The center color of each "G" Award is determined by discipline: red for Design, green for Advertising and yellow for Photography. The Graphis "G" Trophy Award is available for $250.

  • Up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Merit and non-Merit entries are permanently archived on our website.
  • Graphis gives Platinum and Gold awards to the best entries, each of which received a full-page presentation in the Annuals.
  • Silver winners are also presented and all Merits are listed in the Annuals.
  • Platinum & Gold winners receive free printed certificates, and the "G" trophies are also available for purchase.

To purchase the Graphis "G" Trophy, please download the Award Form:

Award Form

Complete the form and email it to If you have any questions while making your purchase, please contact

For more info about Graphis certificates: