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Issue 9/10


204 Contemporary French Graphic Art (Raymond Cogniat)

220 Tass. “Windows” [Russian War Posters] (C.F.O. Clarke)

224 French War- and Liberation Posters

228 Hans Erni – An artist in the Service of the Community (M. Gasser)

246 Wrapping-Papers for Oranges and Lemons

252 Graphic Poetry by Jean Cocteau (H.W. Allner)

258 Surrealism in Photography – Raoul Ubac (H.W. Allner)

264 Kukryniksi – the Famous Russian Trio (C.F.O. Clarke)

270 Stage Decorations by A.M. Cassandre (H.W. Allner)

274 A Theatre and its Advertising Methods

278 Figured Tapestries in the Basle Historical Museum (Dr. K. Buhler)

284 New Posters, Magazine Covers, Etc. (H.W. Allner)

288 Resume Francaise des Textes

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