Issue 346

8 1/2" x 11 4/5"



Issue 346

Digital Magazine


7 Contributors

11 Q&A: Garry Emery

12 Softroom: Archi-tainment By Alice Twemlow

18 Finn Nygaard's Danish Air Transport's Corporate Identity

22 Alain Le Quernec: A Thinking Hand By Brigitte David

The modern Celt thinks with his hand with versatile techniques and striking imagery; Le Quernec's posters are manifestos for political consciousness.

44 Fallon Worldwide: No Pain, No Gain By Anthony Vagnoni

Pat Fallon has dreams but embraces principles. From print to film, he challenges his growing global empire, dubbed "creativity company," to relentlessly redefine what advertising is all about.

66 Stephan Abry: Hiring Folk to Cool By Imke Lode

Abry's favorite photographic formats are diptychs that transgress the boundaries of modern coolness and folk, melding bare essentials with ornate lushness.

80 The Bouroullec: A creative dialogue between two radical modernes By Chloe Braunstein

The two brothers have spearheaded a new French wave of design. In 2004, a MOCA exhibition will open, celebrating their timeless flair.

96 Extreme Houses Reviewed by Susanna Sirefman

98 Fang Chen: "We are one"By Wendy Siuyi Wong

When East meets West: Chinese design deals with universalism.

105 Photo Gallery

113 Graphis Photo Books catalog