Issue 279

8 9/10" x 11 7/10"



Digital Magazine


Cover "Floating" Photograph of Lisa Bonet by Matthew Rolston from Big Pictures. (Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown & Co., 1991)

8 Contributors Column

10 Designer's Choice: The Vitrac "Moonkey" Sunglasses, by Ruedi Baur and Pippo Lionni

12 The Art of Persuasion: Book Review by David and Lindsay Shapiro

18 Choosing the Wrong Model: Design & Business, by Alice Rawsthorn and Colin Forbes

22 Bringing Effervescence to Ecology: Tomatsu Yagi, by Diane Dorrans Saeks

34 The Interruption of Communication: Uwe Loesch, by Martina Dobbe

50 The Magic of Modern Nostalgia: Matthew Rolston, by Kristine McKenna

70 Making Advertising Fun Again: Jerry Della Femina, interviewed by Amy Mangel

76 French Ads through a Hollywood Filter: Jean-Paul Goude interviewed by Christopher Petkanas

96 Intangible Extras; Bank & Olufsen, by Sally Beardsley

104 Precious Stepping-Stones: Roy Lichtenstein's "Mural with Blue Brushstroke" by Henry Geldzahler