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Issue 136


102 Franz Hermann Wills, Berlin: Graphicteam

116 Stanley Mason, Zürich: Educative Posters

130 Marilyn Hoffner, New York: Ziraldo Pinto

138 Erika Billeter, Zürich: Globus, Zurich. Human and Inhuman Figures

142 Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Neuchåtel: Paul Flora. Prospects and Figures

148 Oppi Untracht, Porvoo: Ritual Wall and Floor Decoration in India

160 Hiromu Hara, Tokyo: 1860-1956. Posters in Japan

166 Hans Murbach, Basel: Zillis. A Mediaeval Cosmogony on a Church Ceiling

172 Stanley Mason, Zürich: Hap Grieshaber. The Way of the Cross

182 Book Reviews

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