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Issue 131


206 Walter Herdeg, Zürich: Editor's Note

206 Jella Lepman, Zürich: Introducing this special issue

208 Dr. Arsen Pohribny, Prague: New Trends in Czechoslovak Children's Books

216 Dr. Robert F. Klein, Winterthur: Children's Books in France

224 Dr. Hans A. Halbey, Offenbach a.M.: The German Picture-Book Gains Ground

232 Judy Taylor / John Ryder, London: Children's Book Illustration in England

242 Bettina Hürlimann, Zürich: Notes on Japanese Picture-Books

250 Olga Siemaszková, Warschau: Thoughts on Children's Books in Poland

262 Bettina Hürlimann, Zürich: The Swiss Picture-Book Today

272 Harlin Quist, New York: Children's Book Production in the U.S.A.

294 Stanley Mason, Zürich: Children's Books: A European Miscellany

315 Varia

317 Book Reviews

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