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Issue 11/12


306 Derain’s “Pantagruel (Pierre Gauchat)

314 The Chinese Method of Writing and Painting with Ink (Lin Tsiu-sen)

320 Soviet Children’s Paintings (Hans Kasser)

326 Eidenbenz (Hans Kasser)

336 Paul Grimault Film Cartoons/Trickfilme (Colette Vasselon)

348 Margeurite Ammann (Dr. Albert Baur)

359 The Cataloguese of “Trois Quartiers” (C. Vasselon)

372 2x Alois Carigiet (Manuel Gasser)

384Picasso: “…Sueno y mentira” (Dr. Bernhard Geiser)

386 Displays by Fritz Keller (Hans Kasser)

395 The Copy-Book of Urban Wyss (Dr. Hermann Kienzle)

403 Some Master Drawings from the work of Urs Graf (Dr. Hans Kogler)

410 Travel-Souvenirs (Hans Kasser)

412 Photos et montages de Pierre Boucher (Remy Duval)

416 Resume Francais des textes

436 New American Art Books, by Max Bill

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