All creatives and writers who contributed to over 60 years of Graphis Magazine from 1944 to 2005 are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. These 355 issues give rare insight into the historical emergence of our professions from a start in Fine Art through the evolution to Graphic Design (or commercial art) and Advertising as we know them today. As a reminder, Professional Members gain full access to these priceless archives.

History Of Graphis Magazine — Graphis Magazine, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was designed and published by Walter Herdeg from 1944 through 1985. It originally presented work from Fine Artists such as Picasso, Vasarely, Munch, and many more; later, it presented the evolution of Graphic Design as we know it today, followed by Illustration, Photography, and eventually Advertising.

Herdeg also initiated Graphis Annual (Design integrated with Illustration) in 1952, followed by Photographis (Design integrated with Photography) in 1966, and Graphis Posters in 1973. He also published books on a variety of topics such as Comics, Diagrams, Ephemera, and Television Graphics.

In 1985, Herdeg retired and sold Graphis to B. Martin Pedersen, who redefined the Annuals by separating them into Design, Photography, Advertising, and New Talent for student work. He also began publishing non-Annuals in Typography, Branding, Brochures, Annual Reports, and Logo & Letterhead. Pedersen continued with the Magazine until 2005 when it ceased due to global economic decline.

From 1997-2000, (issues 307-323), Graphis commissioned great writers such as Tom Wolfe (interviewed Milton Glaser in issue 331), Truman Capote (wrote about Richard Avedon’s portraits in issue 86), Pete Hamill (wrote about “The Public and Private Art of David Levine” in issue 321 and Milton Glaser in issue 324), and Paola Antonelli (wrote about Pierluigi Cerri in issue 286, Italo Lupi in issue 276, and Achille Castiglioni in issue 285), among many others. Pedersen relaunched the Magazine as Graphis Journal, which continues to present quality editorial about the talent behind the extraordinary artwork in the industry.

I sincerely believe that much of the Platinum and Gold Award-winning work we have been receiving over the years qualifies as fine art. —B. Martin Pedersen

Below is an alphabetical SEARCH by CONTRIBUTOR or PROFESSION.
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S., J.P., Author

Sabat, Hermenegildo, Artist & Illustrator

Sack, Dr. Manfred, Author

Sadgrove, Brian, Author

Safayev, Tagir, Author

Safed, Shalom, Artist & Illustrator

Sagmeister, Stefan, Author, Designer

Saiki, Maggie Kinser, Author

Saito, Baku F., Designer

Saito, Makato, Designer

Saito, Shigetaka, Author

Sakane, Susumu, Author

Saks, Arnold, Designer

Salamoun, Jiri, Artist & Illustrator

Salgado, Sebastiao, Photographer

Salisbury, Harrison E., Author

Salmon, Mark, Other, Author

Salter, G., Author

Saltz, Ina, Author

Samson, J.P., Author

Sandberg, Herbert, Author

Sandberg, Jens Henrik, Author

Sandberg, Willem, Designer

Sandberg, W. J., Author

Sandler, Barbara, Artist & Illustrator

Sandro, Photographer

Sanna, Gavino, Other

Sante, Luc, Author

Santerini, Constantino, Artist & Illustrator, Designer

Saroj, Artist & Illustrator

Sarpaneva, Timo, Designer

Sato, Ken, Author

Sato, Koichi, Designer

Satoh, Taku, Designer

Sauret, Andre, Other

Sauvage, Marcel, Author

Savignac, Raymond, Author, Designer

Saville, Peter, Art Director

Sawka, Jan, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Saxon, Charles, Artist & Illustrator

Scarabottolo, Guido, Artist & Illustrator

Schaarschmidt-Richter, Irmtraud, Author

Schafer-Ast, Albert, Artist & Illustrator

Schatz, Howard, Photographer

Schatzmann, Dr. Jurg, Author

Scheiwiller, Vanni, Author

Schemo, Diana Jean, Author

Schenk, Roland, Designer

Scher, Paula, Designer

Schleger, Hans, Author, Designer, Artist & Illustrator

Schmalenbach, Werner, Author

Schmid, Max, Author

Schmied, Prof. Wieland, Author

Schmitz, Martina, Author

Schmoller, H., Author

Schneidler, Friedrich Hermann Ernst, Artist & Illustrator

Schob, Anton, Author

Schraivogel, Ralph, Designer

Schreiber, L.P., Author

Schroder, Thomas, Author

Schrofer, Jurriaan, Designer

Schubert, Zdzislaw, Author

Schulman, Ken, Author

Schulte, Michael, Author

Schultz, Eileen Hedy, Author

Schute, Prof. Dr. Karl, Author

Schwartz, Marvin, Author

Schwartz, W., Author

Schwartzman, Arnold, Film, Designer

Schweiss, Hans, Designer

Schweizer, Hans-Ulrich, Author

Schwerzmann, Urs, Art Director

Searle, Ronald, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Seckel, Prof. Dr. Dietrich, Author

Sedlacek, Frantisek, Author

Seese, Guy, Other

Segal, Leslie A., Author

Seidenberg, Dr. Margot, Author

Seiichiro, Arai, Author

Seireeni, Vigon, Designer

Seitz, Fritz, Author

Selbert, Clifford, Author

Seliger, Mark, Photographer

Selz, Peter, Author

Sempe, Jean-Jacques, Artist & Illustrator

Sendak, Maurice, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Senft, Bret, Author

Senigo, Marc, Author

Seoane, Luis, Artist & Illustrator

Serov, Sergei, Author

Serwatowski, Wladyslaw, Author

Severia, M.F., Author

Severin, Othmar, Author

Shah, Haku, Author

Shahn, Ben, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Shahn, Bernarda Bryson, Author

Shapiro, Ellen, Author

Shapiro, Joshua, Author

Shaw, Paul, Author

Sherr, Dan, Author

Sherr, Leslie, Author

Shulman, Ken and Brown, Author

Shurov, Victor, Author

Siebeck, Wolfram, Author

Siegel, Alan, Author

Siegel, Anita, Artist & Illustrator

Sieger, Dieter, Architect, Designer

Siemaszko, Olga, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Sigigalli, Leonardo, Author

Silver, Mel, Author

Silverstein, Louis, Author

Silverstone, Stuart, Author

Silvester, Roger, Author

Simeonov, Iana, Author

Sinisgalli, Leonardo, Author

Sipek, Borek, Architect, Designer

Sirefman, Susanna, Author

Sirota, Peggy, Photographer

Sis, Peter, Film, Artist & Illustrator, Author

Siskind, Aaron, Photographer

Skelton, R. A., Author

Skidmore, John A., Author

Skodt, Finn, Designer

Skolos, Nancy, Author

Skrobucha, Heinz, Author

Sladek, Dr. Isabella, Author

Slattery, Bill, Designer

Slaughter, Tom, Artist & Illustrator

Sluys, F., Author

Smidt, Sam, Designer

Smith, Elwood, Artist & Illustrator

Smith, Ernie, Designer

Smith, Gillian Crampton, Designer

Smith, John, Author

Smith, Paul, Author

Smith, Rodney, Photographer

Smolan, Leslie, Designer

Snowden, Lynne, Author

Snowdon, Lord, Film

Snyder, Gertrude Goodrich, Author

Snyder, Jerome, Author, Art Director, Artist & Illustrator

Soby, James Thrall, Author

Sokol, Bill, Artist & Illustrator

Sommese, Lanny, Author, Designer

Sorel, Edward, Author, Designer

Sottsass, Ettore, Architect, Designer

Sovak, Pravoslav, Artist & Illustrator

Spaabaek, Dorthe, Author

Sparke, Penny A., Author

Spector, Larry, Other

Speed, John, Artist & Illustrator

Spencer, Herbert, Author

Sperry, Jane, Author

Spiegelman, Art, Artist & Illustrator

Spohn, Jurgen, Author, Designer

Sponagel, Kurt, Author

Srdic, Vladan, Designer

Staber, Margrit, Author

Stahel, Urs, Author

Stahelin, Walter, Author

Stahly, Francois, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Stallinga, Henk, Designer

Stama, Theo, Author

Stamaty, Mark Alan, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Standard, Paul, Author

Stankiewicz, Eugeniusz, Designer

Stankowski, Anton, Designer

Stanley, Author

Staples, Cecilia, Other

Starowieyski, Franek v.B., Designer

Stasys, Artist, Designer, Author

Staubach, Horst W., Author

Stauffacher, Jack Werner, Author

Steadman, Ralph, Artist & Illustrator

Stearn, William T., Author

Steichen, Edward, Photographer

Steig, William, Artist & Illustrator

Steimle, Jerry, Author

Steinberg, Saul, Artist & Illustrator

Steiner, Heiri, Author, Designer

Steiner, Henry, Designer

Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre, Artist & Illustrator

Steinmetz, Ludwig, Author

Steinorth, Dr. Karl, Author

Steinweiss, Alex, Designer, Art Director

Stenico, Arturo, Author

Sterling, Jennifer, Designer

Stermer, Dugald, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Stern, Arno, Author

Stern, Bert, Photographer

Stewart, Clair, Author

Stiller, Gunther, Artist & Illustrator

Stojanovic, Slavimir, Designer

Stone, Gilbert, Artist & Illustrator

Stone, Joanne, Author

Stout, D.J., Designer

Strache, Dr. Wolf, Author

Strahm, Dr. Hans, Author

Stromeyer, Gisela, Designer

Stroud, Steve H., Author

Struwe, Carl, Author

Studinka, Felix, Author

Stulz, Siegfried, Author

Stumm, Reinhardt, Author

Suares, Jean-Claude, Designer

Sugimoto, Hiroshi, Photographer

Sugiura, Kohei, Author, Designer

Sullivan, Cleo, Photographer

Sulser, Wilhelm, Author

Summerford, Jack, Author, Designer

Surkov, Yuri, Designer

sur-Moudon, Chapelle, Author

Suss, Katrin, Designer

Sussman, Gerald, Author

Suter, Daniel, Author

Sutnar, Ladislav, Author

Swierzy, Waldemar, Designer

Sykes, Claire, Author

Sykes, Steven, Artist & Illustrator

Sylvester, A.D.B., Author

Szamosi, Ferenc, Author

Szekessy, Karin, Photographer

Szemberg, Henryk, Author